Hargrove File Manager

Production Ready Graphics

If you are providing files that are production ready then you need to know the output size of the graphic. This can be obtained from your Account Executive or Production Manager.
Following are a list of specifications you need to be aware of to ensure the highest quality output.

Please note that these files are usually prepared by trained graphics designers.

  • Create your file at full size or an indicated percentage of full size.
  • Use Pantone PMS colors whenever possible.
  • Export a jpeg of your finished art and send it along as a reference. This will ensure the file has not been corrupted or shifted prior to output.
  • Include hard copies with PMS color callouts.
  • Include a written description of the art. Include output size, finish, PMS colors and any special considerations.
  • Acceptable file formats are as follows: Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Illustrator EPS (.eps), Adobe PhotoShop (.psd), TIFF (.tif), PhotoShop EPS (.eps).
  • Include all required fonts
  • Convert all text to outlines.
  • Maintain layers for PhotoShop (.psd) files to allow opportunity for color correction.
  • Prepare your raster file in CMYK color.

The out put resolution depends on the viewing distance.

  • Viewing distance of 1-4 feet:    150 dpi at full size
  • Viewing distance of 5-9 feet:    100 dpi at full size
  • Greater that 10 feet:    72 dpi at full size

Deviation from these guidelines would mean additional setup time on the part of Hargrove and may result in added costs to the project.