Hargrove File Manager

Graphic Elements

If you are providing Hargrove with elements that are required to build and produce your graphic such as logos and images then see the following guidelines.

Please note that the graphics we produce are much larger than you are use to.  This means the files you use on web sites, logos you use on your letter head, and the images used in page layout programs such as Quark are too small.  Files used for large format printing need to be vector based or very high resolution.

  • All logos need to be vector based. The file format would be Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Illustrator EPS, or Corel Draw (.cdr). Please note that a file can be one of the mentioned formats and not be vector base. If you have any doubts you should contact the graphics designer that provided you with the original art.
  • Use Pantone PMS colors whenever possible.
  • Export a jpeg of your finished art and send it along as a reference. This will ensure the file has not been corrupted or shifted prior to output.
  • Include hard copies with PMS color callouts.
  • Include all required fonts
  • Convert all text to outlines.
  • Images other than logos need to be in the following format: Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Illustrator EPS (.eps), Adobe PhotoShop (.psd), TIFF (.tif), PhotoShop EPS (.eps), Quark (.qxd)
  • Maintain layers for PhotoShop (.psd) files to allow opportunity for color correction.
  • Prepare your file in CMYK color.

Note: JPEG (.jpg), GIF (.gif), Bitmap (.bmp) produces the worst quality output.  We do not recommend using the formats.